Nike | Briscoe High School. Game Day.
We created Briscoe High School in the spirit of MTV's Two-A-Days and Friday Night Lights. It featured past, present and future legends of the game. Personalities included Michael Vick, LaDainian Tomlinson, Brian Urlacher, Troy Polamalu, Matt Leinart, Deion Sanders, Steve Young, Jimmy Johnson, Don Shula, Urban Meyer, Jill Arington, Jillian Barberie, Lee Corso, and Marlon Briscoe. We launched Game Day just as kids were starting their football season.

Nike | Briscoe High School. Two-A-Days.
We aired Two-A-Days during summer training. We created this spot to tease the upcoming Briscoe High campaign. It introduced the basic idea of Briscoe High and its cast of characters.

Creative Partners & Copywriters: Dylan Lee, Alberto Ponte

Want More?
We concepted this longer-format mockumentary for online. It gives viewers some deeper back-story into Nike's Briscoe High. The assignment was completed by Nike's digital agency, RGA. They did a nice job with it. If you are curious, you can view it here.

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