Use Sports | Anthem.

Use Sports | To Live a Beautiful Life.

Use Sports | To See The World For Free.

Use Sports | To Date Out of Your League.

Use Sports | To Cure Boredom.

Nike | Use Sports
The Use Sports (Yòng Yùndòng) campaign was created for China. It reminds us that sports can be used as catalysts to something greater. The campaign features many famous athletes including French Open Champion Li Na, Liu Xiang, Liu Wei, Johnny Tang, Zhang Xi, Xue Chen, Chien Ming Wang, Steven Wong, as well as Kobe Bryant. Use Sports also served as the unofficial motto to China's Festival of Sports, a 4-day sporting event held in Shanghai.

As a cultural background note, the loudspeakers in the campaign reference the tradition in old Communist China to spread political messages via loudspeakers throughout cities and during morning exercises. The Use Sports campaign features these old speakers on cars and tricycles being hijacked to now deliver messages about sports. This cultural device was used throughout the entire campaign.

Global CD Partner: Alberto Ponte
China CD: Conan Wang
Copywriter: Caleb Jensen
Copywriter: Eric Kallman
Copywriter: Brandon Pierce
Art Director: Mike Warzin
Art Director: Craig Allen