Back For the Future | Campaign Overview
Nike auctioned 1,500 pairs of the Air MAG (from Back to the Future II) in September to benefit Parkinson’s research. was created to promote the auction. Scroll down to learn more: | Design Walkthrough
The Back4thefuture website allowed you to view films, photos, and check out "The Continuum", a running blog that collected news, articles, events, and social network activity related to the release of the shoes. It was also a time machine. Scroll down to learn more: | Using the Time Circuits.
It's a time machine! Entering random dates into the dashboard at the top left of the page caused the room to skip through time revealing celebrity cameos, videos, and recreated events from the movies. On the website you could visit the Enchantment Under The Sea dance, meet Marty McFly in the 1950s wearing his Hazmat suit, Travel to the 80s and enjoy a Huey Lewis aerobics class, watch Kevin Durant compete in a game of Slamball in 2015, and even travel to the beginning of time to see some dinosaurs. And that's just for starters. There were over 50 hidden Easter eggs on the website that unlocked date-specific surprises. Above is an edited video featuring some of the time-traveling highlights.

CD Partners: Alberto Ponte, Dan Hon.
ICD: Dan Hon
Copywriter: Caleb Jensen
Copywriter: Eric Fensler
Art Director: Max Erdenberger